Welcome to Aim High Finance

If you’re reading this post, thank you for your time! If you’re past or present military, thank you for your service! If you don’t know me, you can check out a brief bio if you’d like. And yep, that there is a bald eagle!

First of all, welcome to Aim High Finance! I have a long-time passion for personal finance and I firmly believe the public school systems and military do a poor job (at best!) in preparing people to manage their finances or taking advantage of social/military programs that are available. My intent for this site is to be your one stop shop on all aspects of personal finance from creating a budget, to helping you establish/fix your credit, to investing in the stock market, to buying your first home, to taking full advantage of the multitude of financial programs that the military offers and many, many more. I want you to become motivated, inspired and prepared to secure your financial future!

So, what can you expect from Aim High Finance? You can expect blog posts throughout the month on various topics related to personal finance. Once per month I will publish an e-newsletter with one to two in-depth articles and a stock or ETF pick of the month. The e-newsletter will be sent out to email subscribers (you can subscribe on the website if you’d like) and will be post posted on Facebook for all Aim High Finance followers. Perhaps most importantly, you can expect a straight forward, no BS approach on all topics.

Tell me how I can better serve you. Is there a topic you’d really like to cover? Send me the details on my Contact page, post a comment on Facebook or simply send an email. Use the contact page as an opportunity to give me feedback too…I honestly, 100% want you to be successful in your financial endeavors and there’s plenty of money for the both of us!

I promise I will pass on as much of my knowledge and expertise that I can, but please keep in mind that I’m not a paid financial professional. With my background in finance and insurance, I consider myself to be a good source of information and I will do my research on all topics to give you the most accurate and truthful data that I can. But, everyone has a different situation and I’d recommend that you consult an expert before making any major financial decisions. I’d love to be able to provide one-on-one consulting services but at this time I simply don’t have the time or resources to be able to do so. There are fantastic free resources available on most military installations to assist you with your individual needs, simply consult your local Airman & Family Readiness Center or your branch/base equivalent.


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