Air Force Continuation Pay Rates Released

We’re less than a month away from the start of the Blended Retirement System (BRS) and all military branches have now released their Continuation Pay Rates for 2018 with the Air Force being the last to do so with their announcement a couple weeks ago. All branches went with the same multiplier, year of service (YOS) point and additional commitment…the multiplier being the absolute minimum under the BRS and the YOS point being the furthest allowed.

How does it work based on the 2018 rates? Active Duty personnel under the BRS can accept Continuation Pay at the 12 YOS mark, they will receive a bonus of 2.5 times their base pay (example – an E-6 with over 12 YOS would get $3776 x 2.5 = $9440) and incur an additional four year commitment. For Reservists, the only difference is that the multiplier is 0.5, so a Reservist E-6 with 12 YOS would receive $3776 x 0.5 = $1888.

Personally I was disappointed with the news given that the Continuation Pay offering is the bare minimum during times of significant personnel shortages. I expected that the manning shortages in the Air Force would drive a more inspiring multiplier (under the BRS it can be up to 13x base pay) or that the Air Force would offer higher multipliers for undermanned AFSCs. Ok, enough griping.

So, if you’re considering the BRS and will be eligible to receive Continuation Pay next year, you can at least determine your expected bonus for an additional four years of service. More to come on the BRS and the all important “should I stay or should I go” decision for those service members with an opt-in option.

SEE YA! ‘Merica!

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